Exploring and Teaching the Blessings and Curses

of Rational Thought since 1987.

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With a worldwide audience of over 1.5 billion people, Paul performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, on Broadway, and stages and TV shows all over the world.

Paul has taught thousands of students the art of better communication and creativity.

His work in the collaborative Second Hand Dance Company won the Critics Choice Award at the Edinburgh Festival.

Being a pirate means you choose to play by the rules you value the most.

The Dance Pirate pushes performance boundaries.

the Business Pirate pushes at the standard business practices.

Be one of those... or any other Pirate, and you can benefit from the FreakGenius Creativity Method.


Paul teaches workshops and classes in creativity as a method for improving your life, your business and the world in general.

Probably a brain surgeon or rocket scientist in real life
— Burt Supree, Village Voice

Paul's performances combine theatrical storytelling, dance, comedy and audience interaction to offer you a transparent view into the creative process.

Paul as a fluffy white cloud, 2011

Paul as a fluffy white cloud, 2011