FreakGenius Creativity Method (FGC)

This is a full examination of your creative life… Get Out Of Your Own Way!

FGC is Paul’s creative process, designed to structure and articulate your own investigations.

FGC’s homepages will provide Paul’s ebook on the FGC method, plus copious resources - writing, video, sites worth exploring - many free inspirational and creativity-provoking tools for your consumption.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming creative consulting site:

Creativity as a lifestyle

You already have the tools, but you need to understand them and think about how you use them, if you are to become fluent. This is where Paul's methods come in. He uses himself as a human guinea pig, leading and doing every exercise so you see it all in action and do it all yourself.

Paul teaches people how to communicate through better public speaking.

Paul teaches collaborative skills.

Paul teaches creativity through personal storytelling.

Paul teaches classes for teenagers, adults and professionals.


Creativity NOW! These are workshops and classes for students of creativity as a lifestyle. Paul teaches communication, collaboration and public speaking. He combines dynamic lectures with theater and improvisational techniques... delivered with high energy and humor.

Reveal your unique powers and skills using communication and collaboration in life, in business, as a profession and as a hobby.

As an educator, Paul has taught on all levels, from children to adult and from beginner to professional. Paul's training in many styles and techniques of acting, dance, clowning and storytelling all combine to provide custom-built learning experiences for each class, each level and each specific situation/setting.

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