[Paul is what would happen] if Mark Morris and Robin Williams had a baby.
— Mark Golden, gambling instructor and former producer, 20/20

Performance Artist, Choreographer, Director


Paul's work in his former collaboration, Second Hand Dance Company, has been seen on TV worldwide by more than 1.5 billion people, thanks to shows like David Letterman (US), Patrick Sebastien (FR), Shinshun Kakushigei Taikai (JP), Emilio Aragon and Rafaella Cara(SP),  Sandor Fiderikusz (HG), and many more TV shows around the world.

He teaches performance workshops and classes in all aspects of creativity, ensemble work and communication skills to dancers and actors.


Paul's 2nd one-man show

Paul's 2nd one-man show

hilarity and surprising moments of thoughtfulness.
— Hamilton Festival Reviews, Nicole Williams


International touring performer or local garbage man - two very different jobs - but Paul has done them both and explains how they are not actually so different when looked at closely.

The working artist becomes the working stiff and never loses his sense of fun, vision or soul in this entertaining amalgam of the weird, fun and funny."

With  2nd Hand Dance Company  on the Late Show with David Letterman.

With 2nd Hand Dance Company on the Late Show with David Letterman.

second hand dance company

This company created and performed dance-based acrobatic comedy from 1987 - 2003.

Happiness flier

Happiness flier


A street show on power stilts with Kristian Dinesen.

Denmark is one of the happiest countries according to research and statistics.

Two professional "Happiness consultants" - one from Denmark and the other from Las Vegas - teach the local townspeople how to be as happy as the Danish. Interactive street theater and clowning of the highest order!

Paul's 3rd one-man show

Paul's 3rd one-man show

MOstly analog standup dance

Paul's one-man show about creativity and the importance of seeing things from other points of view.

Combining comedy, storytelling, audience interactive games with cash prizes, solo dances, audience group dances, bad puppetry and genius advice, this show makes it possible for anyone to walk away and make their own art.

Paul's 1st one-man show

Paul's 1st one-man show


A show about the universe... told from one man's living room. How to be big in a small world and small in a big world at the same time.