Business Pirates communicate better... up the ladder and down!

A Business Pirate chooses to discover the necessary rules for his/her/their business, rather than unquestioningly adopting recognized methods. It is a way of seeing and doing that actively incorporates good methods while simultaneously choosing to engage the employees and clients in a dialogue that refines and improves the working environment. If creativity leads to innovation, the business pirates are those who listen better, discover their unique needs and implement their own unique rules.


Our Mission - better communication

We often spend more time at our place of work than we do with our loved ones and the Business Pirate understands that a healthy workplace is what makes a happy company... and a happy company is a place at which people like to work. Better internal and external communication is the way.

This is real life with real people… make real contact and your business will flourish

This company of yours is doing great, right? It does not need my help because you are getting everything you want. Congratulations. Spread the love everywhere you go. My best to you, sincerely.

The fact is that most employees are dissatisfied at their job and feel that they are underutilized and not listened to up the ladder.


  1. A happy employee brags about his/her job to friends and acquaintances, while an unhappy one paints an ugly picture of the workplace. Good PR comes through personal referrals and your employees are your ambassadors.

  2. Your next excellent improvement, refinement or discovery is alraedy in a journal or idea pad belonging to one of your co-workers. That person will choose to share that with you when he/she is made to feel accepted as a credit to the workplace BEYOND just doing the cntracted job.

  3. Have you cleaned your business of internal competition and rivalry? It is a cancer that afflicts the workplace and destroys morale, which in turn wastes time and money and decreases profits. It also sends good employees in search of new jobs.

What I do is build better communication skills and open dialogue channels that improve the workplace environment, customer interface, and brainstorming potential amongst your staff.

I am available for keynote speeches, single day training sessions/workshops and longer term evaluations.